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Welcome to CMA Group's home page.

We are dynamic, qualified and constantly developing consulting company, which stands on strong fundamentals of knowledge, skills and experience of its employees and partners within all provided consulting, advisory and managerial services.
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"We are the map on your way towards success."

Our company's goal is client's satisfaction with the results of mutual cooperation, which we try to achieve on the basis of constantly developing intellectual capital of our company.

Our vision is to become one of the leading consulting companies according to expertise and professionalism of our team as well as our partners with a strong link to customer's contentment.

By providing consulting and advisory services we derive from long-time experience, as well as from our own and foreign know-how and human capital acquired by closely cooperating with significant international partners. From stand alone to complete integrated projects, we provide our customers a right solution for their Business.
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----- Our team -----

CMA Group stands on solid ground of human knowledge, skills and experience, which we systematically aim to deepen and perfect. Our team includes either young and creative consultants, experienced and skilled partners as well as experts from different fields.

We cooperate with academics and numbers of finished projects in private as well as public sector are continuously shifting us forward. Our people are being permanently educated and company supports them in their personal development and growth, therefore we invest primarily into their intellectual capital. Each new project is for our employees a challenge and an unrepeatable process of planning, realization, implementation and measurement of results.
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