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“Strategy” training further develops the ideas within „Master” training using strategic time-line principles. “Master” training just like „Strategy” training has been widely published and applied.

In “Master” training the tables, indicators and analytics fixed by the Accounting Law and Regulation appears together in the time horizon of a year plan. Comparing the decisions made within a year the “Strategy” model focuses more on development-/investment projects and decisions on a strategic time-line. This training effectively represents the methodology of project-based operations and extensively illustrates the role and place of intellectual capital in corporate management. During the training the task is to develop the prototype of an entire business planning model.

“Strategy” is a model to show the effect of investment projects developing our company through the possibility of setting the input variables of “Master” and trying to financially optimize with a view to strategy.

In different versions of this training, we show examples of competing companies, and we illustrate unique dilemmas of planning and strategy while helping participants dig deeper into the practical methodology of value-based management.

During a given training the different versions of “Strategy” models provide an opportunity to reproduce different companies competing with each other and to illustrate unique dilemmas of planning and strategy-making. The training helps participants to attain deeper the methodology of value-based management.