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There are three fundamental areas for companies in most industries: management of HR, management of physical flow of goods / information and the management of financial processes. Boda & Partners has special competence in process related consultancy in all three areas, therefore our focus includes the improvement of: The combined coverage of these areas in many cases results significant added value to the solution provided during consultancy. In relation to the Supply Chain/Logistics field Boda & Partners has a dedicated, experienced project team. In addition to our core team – on a project basis – we work together with some industry experts.
Our business line’s strategic goal is to support our clients in optimising their logistics costs and improving their supply chain efficiency and effectiveness. Our customers can get complex and reliable logistics consultancy solutions from Boda & Partners.

Our clients come from various industry segments
Geographic coverage
We are active mostly in CEE countries, with a special focus on:
Service portfolio

    o   Supply Chain/Logistics Strategy design/re-design

    o   revision of strategies and tactics

    o   overall efficiency

    o   areas for possible improvements

    o   definition of valuation points and control mechanism

Work approach
In most of the cases we are providing project based services. Our approach is to act alongside pre-set project goals. We are ready to link our compensation to the success of the project.
Besides project based services we are open to provide interim management services, where primary goal is to ensure continuity of ongoing operations including:


        (The business line presentation of Boda & Partners)