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Our company offers comprehensive accounting and business consulting to its partners. Our services are offered not only to currently operating companies, but also to newly established companies and to those undergoing reorganization. Our consulting activity covers the implementation of due-diligence projects ahead of the acquisitions and investments of undertakings. Based on these investigations and analyses we can get a true and fair representation of the results, performance and financial position of the company. They ensure the possibility for us to determine the growing potential of the company. Our investigation covers the fields of accounting policy, business processes and company strategy.

Relating to the establishment of a company, we help to develop the accounting infrastructure and framework for the required business processes and regulations such as: Our company assists in the organization, management and implementation of special tasks relating to reorganizations:

Operative planning

If the controlling principle is based on the system of comparison between planned figures and facts, then one of the determinant elements of a qualitative controlling system would be the planning system. The planning systems must ensure that the daily management tasks of the company can be traced back to those processes and decisions which determine the future of the company. It means that the planning system has to be built from the bottom up. Development of the planning system in itself is not enough for implementing the controlling principle; it must be completed with an efficient reporting system. The additional task is to operate both of them continuously and simultaneously.

With the professional support of our companies’ experts our customers will be able to set up an effective operative planning model that is based on the current information systems and find support the daily decisions, analyses etc.

The planning model is suitable for Excel and can be connected to different ERP or controlling systems. The model handles a wide range of data simultaneously, but the currently available controlling models may decrease its efficiency, flexibility or speed.