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Balanced Scorecard system (BSC)

Companies primarily measure their performances by financial and accounting systems. In these systems assets invested in their employees’ competences, databases, IT systems, customer relationships, quality, processes and innovative goods and services are booked as the current period’s costs and expenses. Therefore the managers of the companies pay attention to the short-term financial indexes and they do not give care to managing intellectual assets and investing in intellectual assets. Our company attaches importance to completing the P&L indexes with the following three indexes: relationship capital (customer, supplier and other relationships), organizational capital (and customized processes, information and administration system/framework and company culture) and knowledge and competence of employees that describes the value assigned to individual employees. These indexes are the indicators of the future financial performance of the company and its primary index.
Balanced Scorecard Graph
Balanced Scorecard as a methodology looks simple but the way of its implementation is critical from the point of view of its quality and future applicability. Our team of experienced professionals’ provides support and contributes to the implementation of BSC projects in your company.